Meet: Colin

Name: Colin Cowan-DeWitt

Age: 28

Profession: Behavior Therapist

what area of the BX are you from?: Boston Road!

current location: Co-op City

IG: N/A (Add me on Facebook: Colin Cowan-DeWitt)

ORGANIZATION: It's Our World Too, Inc.

"Founded in 2016, It’s Our World Too Inc. (IOWT) is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) in New York City specializing in inclusive recreation activities for children and young adults diagnosed with a developmental disability and/or mental health diagnosis. IOWT seeks to help youth ages 5 to 17 engage in community-based activities while strengthening their social skills through increased participation in enjoyable group recreational activities."

Colin and I became friends through mutual friends about 6 years ago and he's been the homie ever since. I truly admire his dedication to the youth, especially those with special needs. Even though he's filled with compassion and is a great friend, he will still roast you! LOL! Be sure to support the fundraiser for his organization, It's Our World, Too, Inc.! Click the link above for more details!

Tell us about yourself:

I am a 28-year-old African-American from the Bronx. I love working with kids! My current goal is to open a non-profit organization for all typical and atypical children in the Bronx. I am a grad student at The New School, enrolled in their Non-Profit Management MS program. I also work with several for profit and non-profit organizations that provide either ABA or Respite services to children with behavioral challenges or developmental disabilities.

What are your fondest memories of growing up in the Bronx?

-Hanging out with friends in the community as a teen

-Learning about our communities in depth through work experiences

Do you feel as though being from the Bronx has heavily influenced who you are today?

Yes. I personally feel like the Bronx is a tough borough to live in, but I think the volatility of it builds strength and character. This borough isn’t for the weak.

Who are your biggest inspirations?

Kobe Bryant & Lil’ Wayne.

What has been your greatest accomplishment to date?

I have started the process of opening a non-profit organization called, It’s Our World Too, Inc. I am currently planning my first event for children with developmental disabilities in the Bronx. Although the event is primarily for children with developmental disabilities, I am opening the event to all children.

If you could, in what ways would you give back to your community?

I would open a recreation center for children because there aren't many recreational opportunities for kids in the Bronx.

If someone were visiting the Bronx, where would you tell them to go?

Yankee Stadium, Fordham Road, Bay Plaza.

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