Tiffany shares her experience of performing as an ensemble member in Hamilton while living in San Francisco!

In The Room Where it Happens: Tiffany Mellard

Interview with HAMILTON Ensemble Member Tiffany Mellard

"Memphis" also features an energetic ensemble who rumble the Gateway stage. This wild bunch of prancing performers love to dance and keep things shaking, rattling and rolling throughout the entire show. Choreographers Gerry McIntyre and Debbie Roshe created such memorable elaborate dance numbers that you never want them to end. Director David Ruttura magically recreated the Broadway hit with glorious actors and retro rhythms while maintaining the musical's heart.

Bellport, NY

“Cell Block Tango” nimbly shows off the female ensemble, with Gordon joined by Lauren Gemelli, Tiffany Mellard, Laura Oldham, Sophie Lee Morris and Celia Mei Rubin (touching but tragic as the sole embodiment of innocence onstage.)

Columbus, OH

I must also give props to one of the most beautiful ensembles I've ever seen. This show is no easy task, and these dedicated performers nailed it.

BWW Review: CHICAGO at The Kentucky Center For The Arts

Louisville, KY

The Jets & The Sharks flew into London this week for the opening of West Side Story at Sadler's Wells.

Before they prepared for thier first night, they hit the streets of the city in this photo shoot at London's Waterloo in the graffiti tunnel made famous by UK artist Banksy.

Opening last night to rave reviews today, this vibrant company of young dancers and singers bought to life the story of star-crossed lovers Tony and Maria in the gang lands of 50's New York, eliciting a standing ovation from the audience and sending more than one home with a tear in their eye.

London, U.K.

All three women — Mellard, Tamura and Tendayi Kuumba — are revelations as singers, and Tamura and Sasamoto are breathtaking as they dance together. The couple are impressive in their own dance company, but what Trice is able to bring to and receive from them is extraordinary, a beautiful collaboration. All three men — stylish and pristine in white clothes — are fluid and powerful dancers, and Trice sings quite well.

Brooklyn, NY

"Tiffany is one of the most talented dancers in our Bachelor of Fine Arts program, and could easily spend most of her time in rehearsals or on stage, as she is in such demand as a performer," said School of Dance Co-Chairwoman Patty Phillips. "This fact makes her drive to serve those less fortunate all the more commendable, though she's very understated about it. She possesses a natural, quiet grace that makes her approachable and effective in her work with young people."

Tallahassee, FL

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